The Sudbury Revolver Club is fortunate to own a large enough property that shooting disiplines do not overlap or conflict. Each range does not interfere with any other, allowing all ranges to be used simultaneously.

Please note that these are actual pictures of Sudbury Revolver Club ranges. Not all clubs can say that.

This 12 station 25 yard bullseye range is heated by oil, allowing for year round shooting in relative comfort. Flood lights illuminate the targets during the evening hours.
(Please do not shoot between 10:30 PM and 8 AM, we do have neighbours.)

25 yard indoor Bullseye

A standard 50 yard PPC Range, this one accomodates 10 competitors at a time.

50 yard PPC

Our outdoor Range is comprised of 36 shooting positions Target stands are located at both 25 and 50 yard locations. The shooting positions are sheltered and seperated by metal mesh.

Outdoor 25 and 50 yard Bullseye

Five Metal poppers using a cable reset system can be engaged by either shotguns or cenerfire handguns.
(Please do not use rimfire guns on metal targets)

Pepper Poppers

2 ODPL Ranges

We currently have 2 ODPL Ranges. These ranges allow for holster use and flexible target placement

Falling Plates

Two banks of 10 plates support 2 shooters at a time, creating a competetive atmosphere.