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Joining the Sudbury Revolver Club is not a difficult process. We accept individuals from all walks of life who are of sound moral character. Applicants must be willing to adhere to the club rules and place safety as a top priority. We are primarily a handgun club. Rifles and shotguns are allowed on some ranges.

Applicant Requirements

Applicant must not have any criminal history.
Applicant must have a valid restricted firearms license.
Applicant must be able to pass a club level safety course.

The Cost

The annual membership dues for the club are divided into three classes.

Single membership  $180 per year.
Family membership  $260 per year
Life member $0

All new members must pay a one time $50 initiation/safety fee. This is non refundable. In plain english, if you join the club under a single membership, the cost for the first year will be $230. every year after that is $180.

The Process

The first step is contacting us by e-mail. We will introduce you to our safety instructor, and guide you through the process.

The club is required to instruct and test new members in firearm safety. The Sudbury Revolver Club prefers to have one on one safety sessions with individuals and instructors, as opposed to the traditional classroom method. New members will be introduced to our safety instructor and will educated on the firing line. The instructor is flexible and can accommodate the schedules of new members for their training sessions.

Each training session usually lasts two hours. Several training sessions will be required over the course of several weeks. How many sessions are required depends on the individual. Once the instructor is satisfied that the new member can conduct them self safely on the firing line, the instructor will administer a written test. Upon successful completion of the safety course applicants are granted the status of probationary member.
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